Ferienhaus Forras in Ungarn am BalatonFerienhaus Forras in Ungarn am BalatonFerienhaus Forras in Ungarn am Balaton


Hungary is one of the oldest nations in Eastern Europe with an ancient "Magyar"- tradition. Situated in the heart of Central Europe Hungary has approx. 10,3 million inhabitants on an area of 93.030 sq.km. The major part of the country is flat but the north and south contain some low mountain range. The Hungarian climate is friendly and offers nearly twice as many hours of sun as Austria. In summer temperature frequently climbs up to over 30°C. The rich cultural background of Hungary is world famous, not only the capital Budapest, but also picturesque towns like Sopron, Esztergom (pearl of the Danube Knee).


Official name: Magyar Köztársaság
Capital: Budapest
Language: Hungarian
Currency: 1 € - approx. 300 Forint (Ft)


The Hungarian capital is supposed to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and also called "Paris of the East". The city is central - rather a little bit north. The 2,1 million - metropolis consists of the parts Pest, Buda and Òbuda which were independent cities until the end of the 19. century. The river Danube separates the hills of Buda from the flat parts of Pest.


The Balaton with its 596 sq.km. of water is the largest lake of Central - and Western Europe. From southwest to northeast the lake is 75 km long, the narrowest part (1500m) can be found at the peninsula of Tihany, the widest is 14 km. The average depth is only 3 m, which is the reason for the high water temperatures (can be up to 27°C in August). The deepest spot is again near Tihany (approx. 11 m), where you can cross the Balaton by car ferry.

You can find sand - and grass beaches at the northern bank, water is relatively deep there. The "Balaton Riviera", as the area is called by the local Balatonalmádi and Badacsonyörs, is most beautiful in spring-time. That is the time of blossoming fruit - and almond trees in the most impressing colours and you feel transferred to a different world. The best view of the south bank in the evening is one of the nicest sunsets in Europe.


At the beaches of the south bank - mostly sun lawns - the water is rather shallow. In some areas you can walk in hundreds of meters (!) which makes the south side to a paradise for children and families. The villages are built next to each other, all joining.

The close atmosphere, the various activities of sports and the peaceful influence of the backland are the plus-points of the south bank of the Balaton.